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Recently, we have started implementing the video surveillance system at the Primadent Dental Clinic. During our local meetings / visions  with client we discussed many important details, One of the most important was the ability to capture the smallest objects / objects in use by the clinic staff. Before the final presentation of our project in order to match the appropriate parameters of the equipment, we have made a series of tests / tests using coins, etc. Our solution was met with the approval of the Clinic Owners.

Finally, according to the client's guidelines, we have made a full HD fiber optic video surveillance system consisting of 25 4Mpx 3D cameras with HD1080 resolution, with the choice of a suitable DVR and 90 days archiving guarantee for Full HD quality. The cameras were placed on 3 floors as well as outside the Primadent Clinic according to the timetable.

Working on the project as well as the realization itself was a very pleasant experience, we met the dear staff of Primadent, we built long-lasting relationships. The system implemented by us, thanks to its extensive functionality, meets the high expectations of the customer.

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