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Security systems

Due to the comfort of work and the safety of our customers, we perform broadly understood installation of security systems.

We are the installers of advanced world technologies, we provide automatic solutions that we adapt to the individual needs of the customer.

What we do?

  • Installation solutions to identify people such as biometrics, facial geometry, iris, or blood vessel system, what applies to controls access and time records
  • Installation of automatic identification of objects - vehicle traffic management at the premises of an enterprise or institution, integrated system of access control and traffic control    
  • Installation of data and object security (assembly of rotary gates, automation of barriers, access control readers)    
  • Installation of automatic vehicle identification and management systems    
  • Installation of object monitoring    
  • Installation of solutions in production processes ie settlement of produced goods in unit of time, unit cost, number of defects, tact time and cycle time, automatic allocation module

  Automatic identification of people                    Automatic identyfication of objects

Automate the security of data and objects Automatic vehicle identyfication

Automatic video monitoring                        Automation in processes


Among the services offered by our company, you will surely find the perfect solution for your needs.

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