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What is "TelbitVoice telephony"?
TelbitVoice is a service that allows you to make telephone calls over the public Internet or a private VPN network using IP voice transmission (G711 codec). Our customers receive a traditional phone number (or retain their existing number) and have the ability to make any quality voice calls. This service only requires access to an IP network and a dial tone telephone.
TelbitVoice allows full use of fixed Internet access. With attractive rates for voice calls and a range of added services, it offers significant cost reductions for office, business, or even home.

Service range:
• Caller ID
• Record of missed calls
• switching calls
• mobility (call handling on fixed and mobile devices)
• fax2mail
• teleconference
• IVR announcement (interactive announcements)

Customer benefits:
• Significant cost reductions in voice calls,
• high-quality voice calls to other service users, fixed-line and mobile networks,
• public telephone numbering,
• High functionality and convenience in handling additional services,
• detailed expenditure control.
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